C'mon. Bust out of that Dinner Rut Already.

Welcome to Sauced. We’re good people serving good food and drinks to fellow good people who like to drink and dine within earshot of a JC Penny. Bring friends, bring the rug-rats and settle in for a barn-burner of a good time. We think our pizzas are pretty delicious and we’re almost 100% positive you’ll like the sandwiches.
Did we mention we have a mess of craft beers on tap? 12 craft beers on tap, Jack. All this talk about food and drinks is probably making you hungry. So come get Sauced. FYI, we’re at the Staunton Mall behind Red Lobster. You can also find us on Facebook.

90 Lee Jackson Hwy
Staunton, VA 24401

At Staunton Mall behind Red Lobster.

From Fantasy Island:
If you're coming from this direction, you'll want to take de plane, de plane. 

From The Moon:
Wait for the next Russian Soyuz rocket or put on a Red Bull parachute and jump.

Mon-Thurs 4-11pm
Fri-Sun 11am-Midnight

Restaurant & Bar Hours
Monday – Thursday: 4 pm – 11 pm
Friday – Saturday: 11 am – Midnight
Sunday - 11 am - 11 pm

About us
We're Sauced, a good dining establishment located in Staunton, VA. Give Betty Crocker the night off and give us a go. Our sandwiches, pizzas and dinners are all made fresh and served with a smile and a side of fun. If you like a cold beer, we have 12 craft brews on tap. We'll see ya when you get here.

Large Parties?
The more people getting Sauced, the merrier. Sauced is perfect for large parties, but just so you know, we might have to split up groups of 10 or more. We're a good time, not a ballroom.

Sauced Grand Opening!
3/7/2013 - Sauced is now open! Come check us out and bust out of that dinner rut.

We're Hiring
3/6/2013 - Want to work for the best place around? Fill out an online application to see if you've got what it takes.

  • Lighten up - Sauced is good dining, not fine dining. Come have tons of fun, but no dancing on the bar or behavior you wouldn’t want to see posted on YouTube. 
  • Big parties - We’ll try our best to keep your party together, but if you have 10 or more people, we’re probably going to have to split you up.  
  • We don’t do reservations - Unless you’re booking a table for Italian swimsuit models or George Clooney, Sauced is first-come, first-served. So don’t dilly-dally, just get in here. 
  • Be kind to your server - No need to snap your fingers, whistle or bang bottles on the table to get a server. We do all we can to give you VIP treatment.   
  • We serve fresh food, not fast food - Our kitchen crew makes your lunch or dinner fresh to order, so give us some time to prepare it properly. Relax, life is short.  
  • Special orders - We’ll do all we can to accommodate those with special requests or food allergies. We can’t, however, create a special meal for everyone who walks through the door. 
  • Dining with kids - We like the little ones, but unruly kids will be given a shot of espresso and be sent home with a puppy.  
  • Help us maintain a top quality staff - Put a big smile on your server’s face. Tip huge! 
  • Music for the masses - The music we play, pretty loudly, has to appeal to the majority of our customers, not just you and your obscure music loving self.     
  • Tell the manager - Got a beef with Sauced? Don’t blab about it on Facebook, tell a manager right away. We want you to love this place and if there’s something we need to know about, don’t be shy about telling us.